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Wireless Controller

  • Lite Centric offer a range of wireless remote controllers and wall controllers to be used in conjunction with your LED lighting.  
  • Our wireless controllers, (a hand held remote) communicate with the LED products via an RF signal, instead of physically wiring to your LED light.  The wall controlller essentially functions in the same way as the wireless controller, and can be positioned without worrying about running cables and wires to the LED.  The wall controller does still require live and neutral feeds and will also need a DMX.
  • The wireless controller setup will be using an RF receiver fitted between your LED light and the LED power/transformer.  You can position you wall controller wherever you want as long as it has its own live and neutral feeds.  
  • The wireless controllers and wall controllers send a signal to the receiver controlling your lights and you can choose from many functions with up to 20 different programs, simple on/off, dimming, colour changing and more complex programming.




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LED Wall Controller DMX RGBW

  • This DMX signal touch sensitive wall mounting controller with glass front is available in white finish.
  • It operates from a 12vdc - 24vdc input and provides a DMX signal out.
  • Easy to Use and Program
  • Sleek Touch Panel Design
  • Full RGBW spectrum of colours using the touch colour circle
  • Separate R/G/B/W Colour Controls 
  • 11 colour modes with adjustable speed and brightness
  • 2 Year Warranty

LED Wall Controller Dual Colour


Key Features

  • Ultra sensitive high strength glass touch panel with touch colour wheel
  • DMX signal output, complies with standard protocol DMX512(1990), and compatible with DMX decoders from any other suppliers
  • Smooth and accurate colour temperature adjustment by touching the colour wheel
  • 1 zone DMX wall mounted master
  • 6 default setting colours mixed by warm white, natural white and cool white are available
  • Enables to save 6 colours which will cover the default setting ones
  • Easy to install with standard 86*86mm box size

Lite Colour Select Remote RGBW

  • 2.4G Touch RF Controller Dimmer LED RGBW Remote Wireless for RGBW Light Strip
  • RGB strip lighting with touch ring keys.
  • Working Voltage: DC12-24V. 
  • Control Current: 6A/channel.
  • Connection mode: Common Anode. 
  • Dimension: L85*W45*H23mm. 
  • Programs: 20 with up to 640 colours.
  • Telecontrol distance: 30m. 
  • Remote Battery: 2 AAA battery (not included). 

Lite Colour Select Remote RGB

  • 2.4G Touch RF Controller Dimmer LED RGB Remote Wireless for RGB Light Strip Lamp with touch screen ring keys
  • Working Voltage: DC12-24V 
  • Output Control: 3 circuits (R/G/B) 
  • Control Current: 6A/channel 
  • Connection mode: Common Anode 
  • Dimension: L85*W45*H23mm 
  • Programs: 20
  • Working distance: 30M 
  • Remote Battery:AAA battery (not included)
  • Touch Screen Dimmer for 5050 3528 5630 Flexible LED Strip 

Lite Single Colour Temperature Dimmer Remote

  • Output current: <6A* 2 Channels 
  • DC12-24V 
  • 2.4GHz 
  • Connecting mode: common anode 
  • Output current: <6A*3 Channels
  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V 
  • Power: 216W(12V) ,432W(24V).


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