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Pro Profile 05 End Cap Set

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Power end and standad end 2 piece kit.
  • Buy 1 for £1.58 each and save 6%
  • Buy 20 for £1.47 each and save 13%
  • Buy 100 for £1.21 each and save 28%
  • Buy 200 for £1.05 each and save 38%
LED Profile comes in 1m or 2m lengths and is used to house our, which keeps the LED Strip safe and out of the way. Parts Required Extrusions As many lengths of extrusion can be used as is desired. Any 1m or 2m piece can be positioned end to end with each other to make an unlimited distance. Endcap An Endcap is required for each circuit of extrusions being used. It is positioned on the end of the very last extrusion in the circuit and is used to stop dust from and moisture from interfering with the electrical components. Diffuser A diffuser is used to give the light a more even blend. Simply purchase the same amount of diffusers as you did with extrusions.

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