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LED NEON - 1 Metre Length

  • 24V LED Neon is a versatile and user-friendly, fully waterproof for indoor and our use.
  • Our LED Neon is relatively easy to install and can be applied to the flat surface of varied materials -these include wood, plastic, steel or concrete walls. 
  • The main advantages to using LED Neon over similar products is that it provides high and even brightness with a long light life whilst also being durable and energy saving.  
  • Our LED Neon is available in different ranges and is 24V.  Unlike LED strip or rope light, LED Neon has a smooth even light output and can be used in many different applications and is rated to IP67.  

You can purchase your 24V LED Neon in white and colour changing RGB.  

    • High Quality, High CRI>90, Flexible LED Neon providing a dot free, bright smooth continuous light.
    • 12 Watt, 24V
    • Indoor and outdoor applications - Fully waterproof for outdoor use, IP67.
    • Sold in 1 metre lengths, available up to a 10m continuos length before another connection is required.
    • LED Neon Power supplies can be found here. 


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12W Top View Neon (16mm) 3528 SMD 24V (Price per 1 metre) Single Colour & RGB

  • High Quality Top View Lite Neon 10.5 - 12W / 24V / CRI>90.  Lights in an inward direction.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications - Fully waterproof for outdoor use IP68
  • Available in warm white, pure white - Up to 450 lumens/m and RGB Up to 180 lumens/m
  • Beam Angle 160 degree
  • 60 LED/m.  Branded 3528SMD.  
  • Size: 16mm x 16mm.
  • 2 year guarantee.

12W Standard View Neon (21.5mm) 5050SMD 24V (Price per 1 metre) Single Colour & RGB

  • High Quality Standard View Lite Neon 12W / 24V.  Lights in an upward direction.
  • 1 metre length, available up to 10m continuos length befofre next connection.
  • Fully Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use to IP68.
  • Available in Warm White, Pure White and RGB.
  • 60 LED/m.  Up to 320 lumens/m.  Beam Angle 160 degree.
  • Branded 5050SMD
  • Size: 11.5 x 21.5mm
  • 2 Year Guarantee.


2 Item(s)