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How To Cut LED Light Strip

  • LED Strip Lights are one of the most versatile types of lighting available and this is not just because they are flexible, they can also be cut to custom lengths, which means they can be potentially made to meet the requirements of any installation, no matter how big, or how small.
  • While it is possible to get your lights cut by a professional, the process is so simple that you can also do it yourself. If, for example, you find that your strip lights is slightly too long for the area in which you plan to install it, you can cut a section off of the end to make it fit.
  • Alternatively, if you have a large, single strip of LEDs, but you would prefer two separate pieces, you can cut the strip in half. LED Strip Lights can usually be cut at 50mm or 100mm intervals, depending on the type of strip light purchased, if in doubt please get in touch with us at
  • The "cutting points" are clearly marked with a straight black line with copper connections either side. To separate your strip lights, cut along the line using a pair of sharp scissors. Always make sure the tool you are using is sharp, as a blunt tool could potentially cause damage to the circuit board and components. Due to the design, LED Strip






  • Lights will continue to work even after they have been cut. This is because their circuit is completely closed at each cutting point. If you are removing a section from the end of your strip light, always make sure you are cutting it at the end away from the connector.
  • If you are cutting your LED strip lights into two parts and plan to use them as two separate installations, you will also have to do a bit of soldering or use our simply to use LED Connectors.
  • At each cutting point there should be a series of solder points (circular metal discs), 2 in the case of single colour lights and 4 in the case of colour changing RGB. To attach a new length of 2 core or 4 core cable, you will need to solder the wires to their corresponding solder points (which should be clearly marked for this purpose).
  • The LED connectors simple clip on to the end of the cut LED Strip as shown below.